Paradise is Breton!

What more to say about the Peninsula, expect that when you will discover it, you will be taken aback by you you will discover… so much so that you will sometimes have to pinch yourself!

Cap de la Chèvre (Goat’s cape)

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UNMISSABLE ! Several options to discover this cape: the east coast, protected from the wind, boosts a wide variety of landscapes, from coves to woodland scenes. It winds steeply upwards, the way down is at least as steep, it’s craggy to get to the coves, but god it feels so good to meet the sun at the corner of a track. And if you have a little bit of time ahead of you, you can even stop to enjoy it.
The west coast on the contrary is wind swept but magical, for whoever enjoys its harsh and wild landscape, always whipped by the fierce strong winds from the Ocean…

A surfers’ paradise

Are you a sea sports fan? A surfer especially? You’re not in for a disappointment when you come here. Ok, no Jaws nor Belaharra here, but you’ll get your fair share of big thrills, whether you are just beginning or proficient.
A few spots:

  • La Palue: main spot of the peninsula, come here on a high tide for stronger waves. Access: from Crozon, follow Cap de la Chèvre, then after Morgat turn right towards the La Palue village.
  • Lostmarc’h: Lying just behind La Palue, it requires a 5 / 10 minutes walk to reach, but the low tide brings in some very good waves.
  • Goulien: the ideal spot for beginners, more interesting at high tide. Access: From Crozon, direction Camaret then Goulien.
  • Kerloc’h: The backup spot, ideal for longboard. From Crozon, direction Camaret, you can spot it from the road in Kerloc’.

Le Festival du Bout du Monde (Land’s end festival)

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On top of all these, the peninsula hosts the friendliest festival there is! We can say we’re rather lucky in the area, between the "vieilles charrues" [a famous festival in Carhaix, Britanny -> ] and the Festival du bout du monde, no less! Yet we have to admit that we are fervent supporters of the latter, a mixed influenced and open to musical influences from the rest of the world. That’s the kind of things we like!

Useful links

Visitor centre: Office du Tourisme