Ocean as far as the eye can see

Our story in a nutshell: we had wanted to manage a hotel for a very long time. But where and when was a harder question. And then, on a stroke of luck, fate put a little add on our way, mentioning that the owners of the Vauban wanted to had over. It was love at first sight when we visited the hotel, for the place, the sea, the peninsula. And we hope you’ll feel the same about it!

Camaret is located right at the end of Crozon’s peninsula – after that, only the ocean’s left! The harbor next to the hotel is of course a protected area, but within shoe’s reach, the Coast is wild and is well worth a visit.


Pea's heaps ("Le Tas de Pois")Pen Hir and the “Tas de Pois” (the peas’ heaps)... Two steps away (OK just a few more...) from the hotel, the cape of Pen’Hir is an unmissable walk. So much so that you won’t be allowed back in the hotel before you’ve seen it ! Come on, only joking, but it’s such a wonderful place that it would be a shame to miss such a place.

Lagatjar alignementsLagatjar alignements Dating back to the same period as Carnac’s alignments, the Lagatjar alignments were forming up to 1776 a 600 menhirs set [1]. Sadly, successive destructions had already reduced this number down to 100 by 1883 when it was added to the “Monuments historiques” list.

Historic heritage

If by any stroke of bad luck, you did experience some… rain, why not take advantage of it to visit the noteworthy

“Tour Doree” (golden tower).
You will already be spotting from your room’s windows. It has now been added to the the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites

Learn more about it.

JPEG - 51.6 kbAmong the highlights in the sea at low battery and tower built by Vauban throat, only the Golden Tower has retained its authenticity and integrity through quality restorations.

Second important aspect, it is historically linked by Vauban Battle of June 18, 1694, also known as The Battle of Trez-Ruz. Camaret is the only site that has seen the presence of Vauban at the time of battle.

Might be a good idea to visit !

The Chapel of Our Lady de Rocamadour

 The Chapel of Our Lady de Rocamadour
The Chapel of Our Lady de Rocamadour

Together with the Vauban tower, the chapel is a symbolic building of the harbor of Camaret. There are two hypothesis about the origin of the Chapel’s name: it would either have been given by pilgrims on their way to Rocamadour (although where on earth would these pilgrims have been coming from???); or it would be a celtic name meaning the rock in the middle of water (Roc’h = rock et Dour = water).

The chapel sits together with the Vauban tower on a rock that is linked to the mainland by a strip of pebbles that protects the harbor, and is known here as the “Sillon” (furrow). This would be the original meaning of the name of the Chapel, “Our Lady of Roz Madou” (Our Lady on the Rock in the middle of the water)

Ruins of the Coëcilian Manor

Ruins of the Coëcilian Manor
Ruins of the Coëcilian Manor

The French Poet Saint Pol Roux had deserted Paris and its miserable life. After a spell in the Ardennes, he settled in Roscanvel and then in Camare where he got a manor built, sea facing, with a most improbable architecture… This manor was destroyed down during the second world war by Allies bombing.


We advise you very much to go and visit the website of Camaret’s visitor center… a fount of information!


[1according to a dictionary by Jean Ogée, quoted in an inventory set up by the 1793 convention