3 June 2014, by Mine de Rien


Built on two levels, the 16 rooms boost either a unique view on the sea and the harbour of Camaret, or on the quiet and lovely back garden.
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3 June 2014, by Didier et Anne-Françoise


You would like to ask a question, ask for information or specification… this page is yours ! You can of course write or phone us… and why not visit us!
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3 June 2014, by Mine de Rien

Services available

The hotel boosts a few services to make stay even more pleasant. Breakfast, barbecue, covered parking for motorbikes, piano for the artists… and sunrise for (...)

3 June 2014, by Mine de Rien


No peak or low season for rooms here: our prices say the same all year long.
. Remember to book ahead for the busy summer season !
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2 June 2014, by Mine de Rien


Our story in a nutshell: we had wanted to manage a hotel for a very long time. But where and when was a harder question. And then, on a stroke of luck, (...)